Turntable Accessories That Will Keep the Turntable Safe

A turntable is an expensive musical instrument and you will put your extra efforts to protect it from any loss as a single scratch can also prove to be a huge loss as it will affect the sound quality. Is it too difficult to keep a turntable safe? The answer to this most commonly asked question is NO.

There are several turntable accessories that can keep this instrument safe from all the factors. So, let’s have a look at some of the useful accessories that must be purchased along with a good record player.

good record player

Dust covers

  • Dust can majorly affect the turntable performance and it’s essential to clean the turntable before turning it on to enjoy a better vinyl performance. Fed up of cleaning the instrument again and again? Buy a dust cover for your turntable. A dust cover will make sure no dust is collected on it, no matter for how much long time you haven’t turned on the device.
  • If you are spending money on dust covers then make sure you buy a dust cover designed for your turntable only. Each record player has its own dust cover which not only protects it from dust and debris, but also protects the tonearm and other delicate components from any damage.

Record inner/outer sleeves

  • Finding it difficult to keep the records safe from scratches, then don’t worry as inner and outer sleeves are designed for the records which will it safe from any scratch. Inner sleeves are responsible for keeping the record surface free from dust and other impurities. There are different types of inner sleeves, but it’s better to purchase poly lined plastic inner sleeves as it keeps the record surface safe from any debris and scratches.
  • Outer sleeves are mainly responsible for protecting the record from any physical damage. If a record is not stored properly, then the corners or ring wear gets damaged. Outer sleeves provide an additional protection layer which keeps the record away from any dent or break.

Storage boxes

  • Turntable records need to be stored properly in order to keep them safe, which require a lot of storage space. If you do not have enough storage space, then you must use record crates or storage boxes specially designed for turntables. Each storage box can store up to 15-20 records and that too maintain an appropriate gap between each record. So, get this useful storage box to safely store your music collection at one place.

Cleaning kit

  • While cleaning a turntable, you need to keep certain things in mind such as using cleaner designed for turntables only and much more. It’s difficult to keep all things in mind, which always put the turntable at risk as one wrong step can cause a huge loss.
  • Turntable cleaning kits are available in the markets, which include every major component required for cleaning a record player. However, you also need to buy a microfiber cloth along with this cleaning kit as this cloth is made up of woven fibbers that can easily clean delicate surfaces without putting any scratch on it.
Buying a good record player doesn’t mean it will always give an incredible vinyl performance. You need to maintain your turntable well, if you wish to enjoy a better performance every time. The accessories mentioned above are of great use as it helps you to easily maintain the turntable. These accessories do not cost a lot of money, so do purchase these useful times along with the turntables. You can either purchase these items either from online stores or local music shops.

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